Transceivers ONS

Cisco ONS Family modules have well-defined product IDs, making it easy for you to order the appropriate module.
The product ID is structured as follows: ONS-AB-CCC-DD. The variables in the ID include:
For the A variable: S stands for SFP, G for GBIC, X for XFP, and SB+ for SFP+.
For the B variable: C stands for commercial temperature (0 to 70°C), E for extended temperature (-10 to 85°C), and I for industrial temperature (-40 to 85°C).
The CCC variable indicates the supported bit-rate or signal type, such as 155 Mbps for OC-12/STM-1 signal or 2 GF for a tri-rate Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and 2G Fibre Channel signal support.
The DD variable indicates the supported reach, such as S1 for short-reach or intraoffice 1310 nm interface or SX for Ethernet.
CXPs are denoted by the tag CXP directly.
CFPs are denoted by the tag CC.
QSFPs are denoted by the tag QSFP.
Cisco CPAKs are denoted by the tag CPAK.

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